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Die Head
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  Die Diameter: Monolayer dies with Die Cap outside diameters Ø200 mm,
Die with diameters from Ø30 mm to Ø 100 mm
  Thermo Control Point: 3 Points  
  Suitable Material: HDPE、Recycled Material、 CaCo3 Various Compatible Plastic Materials  
  1. The steel material S45C match with JIS standard, the same grade as international standard AISI 1045, designed and manufactured in Taiwan head office/plant.  
  2. The design of flow channel with low-pressure could produce 30-60kg/h, and control film thickness tolerances within7-8﹪.  
  3. Design capability in ALL-IN-ONE, one size die body with several sizes of die core/ die cap, That would facilitate client choice and cost savings.  
  4. One year warranty, excluding human damage and natural disaster.